Crucial DDR2 1GB PC5300 SO-DIMM $25.00 after $20MIR
Free shipping.
Price at Fry’s stores is $15.00 more.

very nice price, free shipping as well and it is one single stick so it is good for those that only have 512mb of ram on their lappy and still have one slot vacant or good for those that have 1 gb and 1 slot vacant. Vista you need at least 1.5gb ram and you do see a big difference over 1gb.

Fry’s B&M stores has the same deal going on, starting today.
July 31, 2007 purchase is the last day for rebate qualifying.

The sticks at my Fry’s are all 16 Samsung chip sets. Last month I bought the same sticks, same part number and SKU and they were 8 Micron chip sets that fit and work great in my Mac Book Pro.
The 16 chips did not seat in correctly.
The 16 chip version has 8 chips on each side.

I called Crucial and was told that they do sub when they’re out of Micron chips.
They will not exchange for the 8 chip version, only like for like. If order was placed on Crucial site, you can request a specific preference.

If you check all the usual retail ads this week, they are ALL $44 something. I’ve had it with rebates. In about a month they will be about $30.00 Back to school promos are always high.