Crucial BX500 240GB SSD review


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Its always hard to find a good SSD that has good performance and it also offers great value for the money, so here is the latest SSD from Crucial the BX500. I am taking a look at the 240GB. drive, to find out more about its performances continues reading this review.


Thank you for the review :slight_smile:

I like the design of the BX500 :smiley:

I guess most ppl will like this cheap SSD if they´re used a HDD before.

For some of my usecases it´s a bit slow if writing some GB in a row, but some QLC drives are on the way and would be slower than the BX500

I think there are some typos on page 6 like Crucial BX500 1TB SSD – 4K random write QD4


Thank you, I missed that typo, I will correct asap.

Most people will certainly feel the difference in speed, those that know what they want they will probably go for the MX500, or something else.


Atm the price for the 480GB BX500 is almost the same as for the BX300, I would prefer in this case the BX300 with MLC and better writing speed. But most ppl would think a BX500 is better than a BX300 :bigsmile:

But I guess the BX500 would be cheaper in near future


Well, if the price is the same then the BX300 is a better drive.

Pricing should be the main reason to go for the BX500, i do hope that in the future
the price will drop, also fingers crossed we should see QLC drives with higher capacity
and also lower pricing, fingers crossed.