Crucial Ballistix 2GB for 34.99$ Free shipping after MIR



From what I’ve read , they are the best DDR2 800 memory with Micron D9 chips .

I am in for 4 GB :bow:

(MIR is limited for 2 kits)


Crucial seems to be pretty good with their rebates. I know I got mine for a 2GB Ballistix kit I bought a while back.


Great sets of memory. I have two 2-GB kits and one 1-GB kit. Never had problems with Crucial’s rebates.


Just to warn everyone, these are newer-higher density chips, the ram is now single sided. The previous was dual sided. I returned my single sided set becuase it didn’t play nice with the dual sided set.


i like mine too! :slight_smile:


cheaper at since there is a 5% coupon off

click on the first link first to activate the coupon, then the bottom link is the link to the actual item. Rebate is good for 2 kits, thus you can get 4gib for $62 AR


The price is $1 lowered