Crucial announces BX500 series budget SATA SSDs

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Crucial has announced its BX500 series budget SATA 6Gb/s SSDs. The drives come in a 2.5" form-factor and will be available in capacities of 120GB, 240GB and 480GB with MSRPs of $29.99, $49.99 and $79.99 respectively. That means the largest capacity drive has a price per GB of $0.17.

The difference to the MX500 wouldn´t be big, I guess

Except it would use QLC

Without looking into the details I would assume this is a winner especially for someone looking for a SSD at a great price under a reliable brand because for $30 (or so) for 120GB and a 3 year warranty you ain’t got much to lose because I would assume with Crucial the drive should last well beyond 3 years.

currently Newegg lists the 120GB model for only $28.79 but I do notice it’s only got a 3 year warranty which while not bad, many SSD’s under the name brands like Crucial/Intel/Samsung etc seem to have 5 year warranties. but for around $30 you can’t really lose as I feel around $30 is about the most it’s worth for the 120GB range SSD’s and they seem to generally cost $40-50+ for that range under a brand name until these came along which, until these, the 120GB range SSD’s seemed to be generally not worth buying because they were not priced correctly.

p.s. I got a Intel 545s 128GB SSD for only $31.99 (normally they seem to be around $40-50 or a bit more which is simply too much $ for only 120-128GB) which is the best SSD I have seen so far around that price range and has a 5 year warranty.

Still looking for 1tb and 2tb SSD or better 8tb SSD so I can update from HDD to SSD.