Crossing US customs with copied DVD

Hello I am currenty going on hoilday to south carolina from canada, and am taking my laptop with me, I would like to take some DVD to watch on the plane or in case the weather is crappy, I have a couple of burned DVD’s and want to take a few of them with me.

Does any one think that I might have a problem with airport customs or should I just leave them at home

any help would be appreciated


you shouldn’t have any problems.

if they give you a hard time tell them you don’t like to take originals traveling because you’re afraid you’ll lose them so you made a backup.

i absolutely hate crossing the border though so i can understand your concern…they always make me feel like I’m doing something illegal even though i’m not! haha

Thanks for the help, I hate custom officals stare at you as if every thing your saying is a lie

Thanks again