Crossflashing to a Ihas 124D

Hey guys i’ve been trying to figure out a way to flash my HP DVD 1260i to an ihas 124 D. I took it apart to see what chip set it had and it is Mediatec MT1809LN which is the same as the ihas rev D. I tried flashing a the 8L05 firmware with flash utility and it gives an error right off the bat and the drive light stays on untill i reboot then its back to normal. If anyone has any ideas or knows where to point me in finding something out it would be much appreciated.

To quote a few posts…

From the iHAS C thread:

[QUOTE=2601;2622873]The Drive ues Mediatek MT1809LN chipset and buffer length is 1.5M. All Liteon’s utilities work fine on the Drive except CK’s latest version FU cannot dump the correct data from the Drive.[/QUOTE]

and from the iHAS D thread:

[QUOTE=2601;2657934]The C and D series Drives use same chipset (Mediatek MT-1809LN) but have different PCB.[/QUOTE]

So you have to find a better way to identify the drive. You may have to dump the current firmware on the drive (assuming the original firmware is still on there and intact), then open it up or ask someone to look at it to get a true drive ID string.

Or maybe there will be a more definitive marking on the drive somewhere.

I have dumped the firmware but what would i open it up with to start my search for the ID string. notepad? If i open it in notepad it just a bunch of chines characters. also where could i fine unscrambled firmware for the C and D drive just in case it turns out to be a C. If they use a different pcb then I might could compare images of them if i could find some. or what about other numbers on the PCB that might help.
Also the drive was made in December.

[QUOTE=slowpoke2006;2677054]I have dumped the firmware but what would i open it up with to start my search for the ID string. notepad?[/QUOTE]If you used Flash Utility to dump the firmware, you have something that is useless, as Flash Utility does not work with these drives.

You might be able to use a tool called DOSFLASH (may require an Internet search) to dump the firmware properly. With that firmware dump, you could ideally have a backup in case you wanted to go back to HP stock firmware…and I would advise that if you go this route, you get a little practice in how to write your backup firmware, too. :slight_smile:

Yes I have already gotten dosflash and set it up on a USB flash drive setup with windows boot disk. Will be trying to back up firmware with it when when I get off work tonight. Found out last night that flash utility wouldn’t dump the firmware correctly. But once I get a good dump just open it with notepade or a hex editer. Or something that will convert binary to something more readable. And are the drive write IDs the same?

You in theory should be able to open it in Notepad and eventually find a (semi-legible) drive string, but a hex editor might help, too. You should be able to find the original drive string somewhere, if only in the portion that manages the bootcode.