Crossflashing SPD2400L1 with?



Hi all, new to the forums, been lurking a while though.

Just a question on X-flashing the above drive, what firmware is recomended and a linky would be great. :slight_smile:





that drive is reported to be a Liteon 1635s.



Hi :slight_smile:

This thread here might help. If you bought it from SVP (since you’re in the UK), then it is indeed a rebadged LiteOn 1635S, as mentioned.

There are links to suggested firmware, and instructions in that thread. :slight_smile:


Hi Thanx for the quick reply, one thing I have noticed is that it also is shown as a Sony Q30A, so assuming that, would there be any benifit to me x-flashing this drive.


I see more benefits in flashing it to a LiteOn…you can use SmartBurn etc (thread about it in the LiteOn forum), and various other LiteOn utilities. :slight_smile:


Many Thanx for the info Arachne, Just flashed to 1635s, gonna do a test burn with CD speed.

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Excellent :clap:…I can’t flash mine til it gets here, unfortunately (tomorrow now, I think). Good luck with the test burn :bigsmile:


Just ignore all the acronym crap that Arachne, Geno & I posted in that thread. It was all rather off topic.

The latest firmware from Liteon (YS0X) fixes some problems with lead-in on -R media whilst the in-test YV6J has that fix & the HyperTuning & Overspeed fixes & that thread is worth following on a daily basis. You need the latest Smartburn to enable these extra features.

Not too bad for £20. Of Course if you paid more than that then :sad:


@ TimC

Flashed to YV6J, SmartBurn, Overspeed & HyperTuning all enabled although I doubt very much that I would use Overspeed due to the possibility of creating a coaster.

I’ll keep a close eye on the thread and read some more of the post’s there in.

Of course I paid more than £20 lol, didnt realise when I got the drive SVP were doing them for that, paid £28 from Web-systems in Bullwell, Notts.

Nero Drive info still picks up the drive as Sony Q30A, BIOS and everything else it shows as SHW1635s


I looked on SVP when I posted my reply to this thread…they’re out of stock on both the black and the beige now anyway.

Overspeed should be fine on quality stuff like TY, Maxell002, MCC media etc…my LG4163 overspeeds them out of the box, no coasters as yet. :wink:

£28’s still not bad, I’d pay that. :)…I paid £55 for my Litey 1693S, so I see anything under £40 as a bargain!


The testing thread for YV6J is useful to follow for finding out what is safe to overspeed.

Let others make the mistakes first, although I’ve posted a few scans there & on the NEC4570 thread as well.

I’m not surprised SVP are out of stock, let’s face it [B]£20[/B] was an excellent price for a decent burner.


We are in BenQ/Philips forum section after all… :wink:
You can get a BenQ DW1650 for almost the same money (£28.51). :slight_smile:


It was but I think it’s better off in the LiteOn/Sony forum. Some excellent prices… :slight_smile:

Thread moved.


Ahhh the reason for that is essentially I have a Phillips SPD2400L1 which has been X-flashed to the liteon 1635s firmware, does this mean I have a Phillips or Liteon drive :confused: who knows… :wink:

Very happy with the X-flash and the utils that Liteon supply :clap: