Crossflashing Sony Optiarc AD-7260S-0B and Liteon iHAS124



I recently ordered an iHAS124 drive from a supplier online but they have dispatched a AD-7260S-0B to me instead which is not what I wanted.

I’ve been reading around online and have seen that the AD-7240S is a rebranded iHAS124 and can be crossflashed with that drive. Does anybody know if the same thing is possible with the AD-7260S drive too or do I need to return this drive to the seller instead?


Some iHAS124 A are rebranded Optiarc AD-7240S. Don’t know about 7260, but In my Opinion, stuck with it, it is a really good burner !


iHASx24 [B]Y[/B] drives (only the Y) are re-badged AD-7240S drives, not the other way around. All other LiteOn drives are LiteOn’s design, & the recent NEC/Optiarc drives (including 7240, 7260, 7280) are Optiarc’s own design. No crossflashing is possible.