Crossflashing SHW-16H5S to SHW-1635S

How do I do that?
Do I just need to flash the flashfixed firmware?

The EEPROM Utility doesn’t support the 5S series, and OmniPatcher doesn’t seem to do anything.

(I want to try YS0Z instead of buggy LV4D and outdated LS0W, maybe the official jitter-scanning/SmartBurning firmware is better…)

I dont think this crossflash is possible. (maybe wrong, but pretty sure!)

Yes. Flashfixed firmware will do the job. But be prepared to buy a new drive, as you might kill your 16H5S. 6S series and Sony 12x are fading out now.


I remember some people here flashing their 1635S to 16H5S because they thought it would give them better scans. Don’t see why the opposite wouldn’t work. Use Codeguys firmwares, FlashFix might not work with the latest Lite-On and Sony Q30A/Q31A firmwares. Backup EEPROM etc.

Sony 12x? Or were you thinking “Sony 16x”?
Can we expect some good deals on 6S drives soon? If yes, where (in B&M stores)?

I’ll prolly wait with the crossflashing then. For the time being, I’ll just try to stick with my LG for burning :slight_smile:
Just the LG Z-CLV CD-R burning strategy is :Z :frowning:

That’ll be Sony DW-G[B]120[/B]A series, equivalent to 6S Lite-On. The new LH-18A1P/H seem to be cheaper in stores than remaining 6S.

DW-Q120A, DW-G120A, DW-G121A.

Can we expect some good deals on 6S drives soon? If yes, where (in B&M stores)?
I am not sure if B&M stores will decrease their prices (you should know that :bigsmile: ) I saw a Sony DW-G120A retail for 45€ at Pro Markt a couple of weeks ago. My favourite online stores (reichelt and alternate) don’t have any in stock, the last price at reichelt was about 43€ for a retail 165P6S. So it is a good thing to hurry up in order to get one of the remaining drives :wink:


One of the Saturn outlets (Zeil) here in Frankfurt has the [B]external [/B]version of the 165H6S for € 55. I don’t think all branches have this deal though.


Great price for an external drive :iagree: