Crossflashing question

Hi I just crossflashed my sony 810A to a BENQ 1640 using BQFlasher.

Did I do everything right? I used BSLB to crossflash.

That’s all I did. Is BSLB the best? Am I done?


Well, if your drive still works and can even do more than with the previous firmware i’d call that pretty successful. :slight_smile:

I just put the BSOB firmware (I think it is the most recent)

When I run Disc quality tests, my results are horrible…

Why are my results so bad? In the review of the 810A on , the results are excellent. Mine are terrible, why?

Should I expect problems while I view these movies in my DVD player? Pixalation, freezing, etc…?

jt a quality scan is no indication on how it will play on a stand alone player. I can’t do PIF testing on my Philips until I get up the courage to cross flash butI have had scans where the PIE has been in the hundreds and it has worked perfectly on my stand alone.

Also try scanning at 4x not 16 as 4x is the standard used by the board and see if your results are better.

For BenQ burners the standard scanning speed on this forum is at 8x. :wink:

What is the BENQ 1640? It’s not an actual drive, is it? The Benq 1620 is a DVD-RW, I think…

Someone fill me in?

I did see a fair improvement in lowering the speed. Is this still good though? :\ Someone must have answers !:frowning:

I burnt a DVD using the new firmfare and I got better results.

I still don’t know if these are good though. What about the old ones (Scores I previously posted). Are they keepable? :\

What is the BENQ 1640? It’s not an actual drive, is it?..
This is BenQ DW1640. :wink:

Thanks pinto, must read the thread in media section again I missed that one.