Crossflashing Philips DVD8801 to BenQ DW1650

I am about to attempt to crossflash a Philips DVD8801 drive to BenQ DW1650, probably with the BCHC firmware that was just released.

I had previously succeeded in crossflashing a few Philips DVD8xxx drives (OEM only?) to BenQ counterparts, but I am currently not 100% sure the DVD8801 hardware matches that of BenQ DW1650, though I believe this is more likely compared to, say, DW1640. Here’s my logic:

DVD8601 --> DW1620 OK
DVD8651 --> DW1625 OK (Lightscribe)
DVD8851 --> DW1655 OK (Lightscribe)
DVD8801 --> DW1650 ??

Hopefully my next post will be good news of success. :wink:

Success! :clap: All QSuite 2.1 features are enabled with the crossflashed DW1650.

Updating my crossflashing list:

DVD8601 --> DW1620 (B7W9) OK
DVD8651 --> DW1625 (BBIA) OK (Lightscribe)
DVD8851 --> DW1655 (BCDB) OK (Lightscribe)
DVD8801 --> DW1650 (BCHC) OK

Many thanks to Quikee for making all this crossflashing possible with BQFlasher! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks for the updates, scan80269!! :clap:

Hi, I would like to attempt this too. Now for the noob q’s.
Is bqflasher used with one of the Dangerous Brothers DW1650
files? If so, what’s the difference between BCDC, BCFC, and BCHC?
And if so, what’s the command line?
If not so , then should the or from Benq’s site be used?

Is your 8801 the loudest dvd/cd device you ever heard? The thing
puts out decibels and sounds like a leaf blower.

p.s. Fully aware of the potential of screwing up the drive.

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum dawslowe. :clap:
Take a look here. Should answer most if not all your questions.
You’ll find that when you use Quikee’s BQFlasher that the file type .exe .cvt doesn’t matter. So the source can be any of those you list.

Thanks for the link zebadee,

Just to make sure, does this sound right?
Bqflasher allows for a possible crossflash of a phillips f/w directly to a BenQ f/w, in this case DW1650 or the equivalent rpc1?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Is there any way to physically tell if a drive is actually a benq/phillips oem?
Labels on the drive possibly?

Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version : 2D06
Buffer Size : 2 MB

The only way I could tell my friends Philips was a BenQ rebadge is because it had “Solid Burn” enblazoned on the front, which is BenQ technology. We only find out which is which thank to the work of those that try it and see, I am not sure there is any physical identifiers.

You could try using QSuite, if it isn’t a BenQ drive it won’t recognise it and so won’t show the tools avaialble to use with it.

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SoliBurn is a Philips technology. Period. :smiley:
And it doesn’t need QSuite to be enabled, because on Philips drives/firmwares it’s enabled by default for both know and unknown media.

Thanks Pinto from what I was reading I thought Solid Burn was BenQ technology. Thank you for correcting my misconception.

This is probably a stupid question, but is there a utility that will allow dumping the current firmware to a file? The reason is in case a crossflashing doesn’t work, and allow flashing back to the original.

There is no such utility known for Benq/Philips Nexperia chipset firmwares.

Since 1650 supports DVD-RAM reading/writing, will the crossflashed 8801 support DVD-RAM?

1650 Doesn’t support DVD-RAM, either reading or writing. You must be thinking of the Panasonic based 1670.

Thank you, Kim Jong.

I got wrong info from DVDInfoPro V4.610. I rechecked w/ Nero InfoTool, you are right.

The DVDInfoPro is way too wrong. It shows that my Yamaha CRW-F1E has same ability as Lite-On 165H6S.

Hi I have a lite-on dvd8801 , How can I flash to benq 1650 ? Can you help me ,Which programs I need ?

Welcome to cdfreaks veram. :slight_smile:

Looks like some members managed this, linky.
Check for info about tools a few posts up. :wink:

BQ flasher :slight_smile:

what can i crossflased 8801 to 1650 benq do???
that a 8801 cant do??