Crossflashing Philips DVD8601 to BenQ



Hi - I’ve read numerous posts on this forum and elsewhere along with the FAQ [1] regarding what needs to be done to crossflash my phillips DVD8601 in order to have it be recognized as a BenQ 1600 and later 1620. I downloaded B5G9.exe and using a hex editor modified the locations noted yet now if I try to install the newly modified B5G9 I get the following error,

This firmware version can not be upgrade !!

I triple checked all my steps and I believe I’m doing the right things, any ideas on what is wrong ? The instructions I’ve been able to find were from 2004 so I’m sure things have changed since then. Help please…

I have the dell OEM KD10 firmware [2] installed.


NOTE: the FAQ mentioned contains dead-links - there is no longer a valid “Unofficial BenQ firmware page” from what I’ve been able to understand, right ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi :slight_smile:
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Take a look here. You should be able to go straight to a ‘BenQ 1620’.


Thanks for the lighting quick response. The URL noted is full of pictures
and very little instructions - so let me just be verbose and on the safe
side of things. Tell me if this is what I need to do,

  1. Download BQFlasher.rar/zip [1]
  2. Download the wnaspi32.dll (from nero’s webpage) and place it in the
    same dir as BQFlasher
  3. Download a BENQ firmware (like B7W9) to present to BQFlasher

start BQFlasher and go pick the phillips DVD, supply it with the BENQ firmware and we’re done ?

What is the WOPC tool [1]



While waiting for confirmation on what needs to be done - could someone please update the FAQ to note the new procedure/info ?



I crossflashed without any problems and am now at the BenQ drive. My only problem is that it failed twice when trying to burn a CD-RW. May just be a bad disk though, I’m trying another.
If anybody needs the files PM me and I’ll email them to you.