Crossflashing noob-type question



Hi all, I’m new to the site and hope that someone could help me with a problem I’m having.
My PC has the Philips DVD8601 drive and recently discovered that rather than just update the firmware I can actually crossflash the hardware to turn it into a Benq drive with more capabilities. I discovered an old post on the site which I quote as follows…

"I have successfully transformed my Philips DVD8601 into a Benq DW1620. Here’s
what I did:

Obtain a copy of which contains B5G9.exe, a Windows program to update the firmware of the Benq DW1600. This is available here -

Use a Hex editor on B5G9.exe to change the checksum of B5A9 (the checksum of the original Benq DW1600) to 6D11 (the checksum of the firmware in the Philips 8601). Details of the edit are

Location: Original Value -> New Value
F390: 42 -> 36
F391: 35 -> 44
F392: 41 -> 31
F393: 39 -> 31

Run the edited B5G9.exe. It will apply its firmware modification to the Philips 8601, turning it into a Benq DW1600.

Obtain a copy of 1600-1620_B7K9.exe from the Benq Web site here:

Run this. It will update the Benq DW1600 to a Benq DW1620.


I understand this up to the point of using a Hex Editor program. I’ve downloaded Hex Workshop 4.2 and have just realised I have no idea even where to begin looking or editing the “checksums” listed here.
Could anyone give me some pointers how to use this (or a similar) program to edit the firmware update file?
Any input at all would be greatly appreciated since the Philips DVD8601 is a bit poo by dvd burner standards!
Thanks in advance



That old method is no longer used if you read the last page of that thread.

It can be done in just one step by using WinDWFlash.exe and the B7V9.cvt file to flash the firmware and you now have a 1620 pro, download links.

After that you can use BenQ’s official firmware updates the latest being B7W9.


Sorry about that 8T8, should have paid more attention. I’ll have a look tonight and see what I can do.
Thanks for your help pal! :clap:


Slight correction to my post the latest cvt available on the un-official BenQ firmware page is B7T9 not B7V9 so flash that then use BenQ’s own flash upgrade tool for B7W9.


OK, thanks for that. I’ll give it a try now…


Thanks again 8T8, everything seems to have worked ok. I can’t believe its this easy to turn a mediocre dvd drive into a high spec one! :bigsmile:


Sorry for bringing this up. Can I get an UP-TO-DATE step by step on converting the Philips 8601 to a BenQ?