Crossflashing my benq 1620 bulk version



everybody keeps talking bout a .cvt file
i don’t have that,when i downloaded this firmware of the benq site,it’s an exe file.

can anyone help me out on this forum please?

I wanna crossflash my benq 1620 to to retail version,can i just use this then?

my drive is benq 1620 bulk(benq not on front lid) with G7V9 firmware.

  1. is it normal that when i burn a game at 4,0x,after a while the burn speed goes down to 3,3x for a couple of seconds and then back up to 4,0x? This happens more then once in a burn.

2)is it better to crossflash my firmware? Would i benefit from using the B7W9 firmware instead of mine?

3)How do i do it? Just open the Windows DW Flash prog and then load in the B7W9 firmware and flash it?It’s that simple?or do i have to reboot and start in safe mode??All help would be appreciated. Or just use the exe file from the benq site to crossflash?

thx a lot


anyone? please help me out…
I downloaded the cvt file of B7W9 also from somewhere,which one shoudl i use,the exe or windw flasher and the cvt?
Is crossflashing to retail version considered better?


You can’t use the .exe from the BenQ site for cross flashing.

You will have to use the .cvt with the flasher. And yes, B series retail firmware is better than G series bulk firmware.



Why not read ?



Here’s the link for the CVT FILES:

You’ll need to open that link in IE or if using firefox mozilla browser you’ll need the IE TAB extension for the website to open up correctly.

You’ll see on the website CVT FIRMWARE for BENQ 1620.
To download the FLASHER program BQFLASHER or WINDWFLASHER look at ZEVIA’s signature to download it.


ok,so i crossflashed it to B7W9
and this is my first burn with it,is this considered a good burn or not?


Yes thats good. Here is a simple guideline of what is considered good.

PIE Max: Under 280
PIF Max: Under 16
POF: None
Jitter: Under 12% is best

Just as a note: With a BenQ you should scan at 8x not 4x. Also you can save the image as a PNG directly with cd-speed by clicking the Floppy Disk button (next to the minimize button)


this is my first big burn with the new firmware,i’m afraid crossflashing wasn’t very good…Or not?
I’m having write rate issues too i think,it’s pretty unstable and even dropped to 0,0x once around 90%. Sometimes it drops back to 2,7x,then going up to 3,7x,before staying at 4,0x for a while.
Why is scanning with benq better at 8x?I 've burned this 16x verb at 4x. Shouldn’t i be reading at 8x then as well?


Hi :slight_smile:
You should try MCC 03RG20 @ 12x, maybe 8x. But 4x is too slow IMHO.


but i use them for my ps2 backups,i’ve heard that burning something at 8x and then playing it on your ps2 is worse for the lens then playing sth burned at 4x.


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry not having a PS2 I wouldn’t know. However if this works for you fine, although for best scan results you’ll need a higher write speed. I get better scans than yours in this post even @ 16x. But I must admit it’s not the first claim I’ve seen regarding write speed & PS2 compatability. In which case just do a transfer rate test. A smooth line indicating a good burn.


Why is scanning with benq better at 8x?I 've burned this 16x verb at 4x. Shouldn’t i be reading at 8x then as well?
i just did the same disc with scan at 8x and the score was only 90 then.
Now that i crossflashed it,can i go back to a previous firmware version,to check if that’s better for my media?
I’m using B7W9 now,so can i just go back to B7P9 by using the exe file of that firmware?I assume yes,since i crossflashed it to to b firmware.Does anyone know the best firmware for a crossflashed benq bulk to retail?


Hi :slight_smile:
If you look around you’ll notice that B7V9 is very popular.
Regarding scanning it’s just that many BenQs scan @ 8x by default + most user use this as an attempt to get reasonable comparisons. Hence a ‘standard’ is born. This may or may not change with the arrival of CD/DVDSpeed 4.50.(See relevant thread).


Have to agree with zebadee on this.
Furhermore it looks like disabling WOPC on 8 and 12x burns ends in better disc quality (tested on B7P9).

I have a PS2 and what you “heard” is pure nonsense. No problem what so ever here to play 8 and 12x burned dash media.


how do i disable WOPC?


how do i disable WOPC?
QSuite - zebadee has a link and the manual


the benq 1620 supports qsuite and WOPC???


Does this & this help :iagree:




not really