Crossflashing Lite-On iHAS124Y to Optiarc 7240S



Is it possible to flash the Optiarc 7240S or 7260S firmware to Lite-On 124Y drive? As far as I understand the hardware is identical. There is absolutely no firmware support from Lite-On for 124Y drive, so I’d like to try to flash it with 7240 or 7260 firmware.


You can flash 7240S firmwares to 124Y drives, but you need to modify 4 Bytes in the 7240S firmware and make them match the values of the LiteOn firmware. These are the bytes at location 0x0c to 0x0f.

If you understand what that means and you’re able to work with a hex editor, feel free to flash your LiteOn with Optiarc firmware. If you don’t know what that means, you best keep your fingers from it.


Thanks, it worked.