Crossflashing LG GCE-8526B to 8527B?

Hey there.
I have an LG CD-RW GCE-8526B. Is it possible and safe to crossflash it’s firmware to 8527B?

If ever it would be possible… never safe.

The chip on my drive (GCE 8526B) is:
MT 1588AE
Would someone be nice and tell me what’s the chip on GCE-8527B? Please :slight_smile:

You would gain nothing, anyway.

OK, I quit. I’ve found on internet that this chip is used on both 8526 and 8527, and also on some Lite-On’s drive. But the problem is that the firmware for 8526 is in hex format, and for 8527 is in bin format (also they’re not the same size). I’ll leave this crazy idea (for now). Thank you chef for replying my posts. :slight_smile:

The different size of the firmware binaries would be a big problem to overcome. :frowning:

[LEFT]Hello again.
I tried to do that crossflash - immposible.
Since my drive was already dead :sad: (look here) but still was recognised by Windows I took a plunge and tried to crossflash it to 8527B - I had nothing to lose. I see now that this crossflashing is immposible. I used MTKWinFlash and flashers that came with LG firmware. Every time these flashers get stuck at the very end of flashing process. I didn’t restart my computer after flashing failure but flashed again with MTKWinFlash using original 8526B firmware. So my drive is still “in life”, when talking about firmware. I tried even to crossflash it with 8525B firmware - same result.
In the end, conclusion:
[B]LG CD writers GCE-8526B and GCE-8527B are not crossflashable!!![/B][/LEFT]

Pejakam, ok thank you! I won’t try it then !!!
RIP for your LG then…