Crossflashing IHAS324E



I ordered an IHAS324B but they’ve sent me the ‘E’ model. Really annoyed but I don’t have time to send it back and wait for another one. I need it in the computer ready to go by Monday.
I’m wondering if there’s any way to change it to ‘B’ or if anyone’s aware how to use the ‘E’ model to make Xbox back ups.


Also, yes I am a noob (sort of)


No. Two different series, different hardware, different firmware required.

If you continue doing research, you will find something called BurnerMax Payload tool? We don’t really discuss it much on these forums, but there are sites elsewhere on the internet that go in depth on how to use the tool, so check those resources out.


Thank you, I’ll look into that.


I’ve never tried overburning DVD+R9 and I don’t own an Xbox. But, IIRC, modified firmware is no longer necessary and ImgBurn can send the BurnerMax Payload to supported Lite-On drives.


^ If true, I know the E series should be supported (just hear-say, no personal experience).


I looked up what you suggested and managed to get everything working. BurnerMax Payload with IMGBurn does the job perfectly.

Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated.