Crossflashing from DRU-810A

I know this topic has been covered before, and I did some reading of the other threads but I didn’t find any of the specific info I was looking for.

I’ve got a Sony DRU-810A (not 810A-R) so that would be crossflashable to a BenQ DW1640 if I’m not mistaken.

What I’m wondering is, if my Sony seems to be working fine as a Sony, what advantages and disadvantages are there to crossflashing to BenQ? Is there anything I’m missing out on if I stay with the Sony firmware? Is there anything I’d be leaving behind by flashing to BenQ? Is there ever a situation where it would have been better to not crossflash or a situation where I would need to crossflash back?

If any of these answers are usage-dependent, I must say I burn mostly movie backups on MKM001 DVD+R DL, and music backups on TY CD-R. Occasional data archival is done on YUDEN000T02 but the other two tasks are more important. Bitsetting required for movie backups.

Basically I’m trying to weigh the pros & cons to decide whether this is something I’d want to do – preferably based on opinions and experience from people with my specific Sony model. You’ve all been very helpful with my other questions and I thank you for those, and I thank you in advance for the advice on this topic.

Hi :slight_smile:
Advantages are SolidBurn OverSpeed Bitsetting etc.
The [B]link for xflashing:[/B]
Download QSuite manual (link in my sig)& read that 1st.

I bought a dru-810a-R and crossflashed it immedietly to a 1650 and love it. I would say definatly to crossflash it to a benq. You wont be sorry.

So are there no disadvantages whatsoever?

no disadvantages only gains, have done the same many many times dru-810a-R to BENQ 1650

Well then… 810A to 1640 is it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help everyone.

One more question though: what firmware should I use? Can I just grab the latest DW1640 from the BenQ site?

no no

dru-810a-R to BENQ 1650

dru-810a R or dru- 810a (I have seen it both ways) to BENQ 1640

if you flash the wrong way your drive is useless!

Mine is definitely a DRU-810A (no R or -R). What I mean is can I get any old 1640 firmware or does it need to be a certain 1640 firmware to crossflash?

you can use any, most here like BSLB

I read somewhere that the DW1640 is a good scanner. Is this true? I’m planning on getting a second burner to add to my collection, so I was wondering after I crossflash this drive, should I be looking for something that’s a good scanner (like a Liteon) or should I be looking for something that’s a solid burner (like LG)?

Basically what I’m asking is: have I already got the scanning side of things decently covered with a DW1640? Keep in mind, I don’t need the most accurate results in the world. I just need something to be able to tell whether particular discs are starting to degrade and catch them in advance before they degrade beyond the point of salvaging data.


Okay, so I did it. I crossflashed it with BSLB. It seems to be working ok so far. I burned a CD and plays fine. Didn’t burn a DVD yet. Only weird thing is if there’s a disc in the drive, the light stays on. Is this normal?

yes and the 1640 is a great scanner no need for anything else :disagree:

Perfect! I really appreciate your comments. You’ve sort of been the one carrying this thread. Also, many kudos to zebadee for the wonderful guide on flashing.

Any recommendations spring to mind as a good second drive, that would nicely compliment the 1640. Obviously I won’t need one for scanning. I’m probably looking for one with highest quality burns on Verbatim +R DL media. LG GSA-H22N perhaps?? Keep in mind though, anything without bitsetting would be useless to me. And actually, if there’s such thing as a DVD burner that is also very good (fast) at ripping audio CDs, that would be a definite plus as well since I do a ton of music backups.