Crossflashing from 20A1L to 20A1S

Since I don’t care about Lightscribe, may I crossflash L model into S model or even into 20A1P ?
I’m asking that because it sounds to me like 20A1S (and even more 20A1P) has a more advanced and improved firmware compared to the “forgotten” 20A1L.
Can anyone confirm if my suspects about the firmware are true ?
And can you explain if I can crossflash to one of the two models and how should I do ?
Thanx a lot. :smiley:

i tried to do this, and it doesnt work. this croosflashing converts the drive in a simple cd recorder, at least i could go back, and return to 20a1L firm :doh:

Thanx johnford.

you could always use the liteon eeprom utility to check and see what drive your drive can be crossflashed to.