Crossflashing Digitalmax DRW-3S163 with SOHW-1653 or 1633?



I have read within this forum the best alternative is to crossflash my new drw-3s163 (bought at Officemax) with the Lite-On sohw-1653s DR16CS0M firmware. Is this the best?? or should I just update the firmware with the same model’s firmware (from which has a 1-level update dated 12-6-04?? PS I tried to crossflash to the 1653S, but it won’t let me stating the drive is not found?
Thank you for any thoughts and advanced advise! :bow:
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you need this firmware:

just unpack and run “1653S.CS0M.patched-cf-ledfix.exe”


Thank you chok0 for your kindness, expertise, and making it sooo easy to find the firmware!! Being a newbie, and not asking for a lot of detail…what is the advantage of crossflashing to your recommendation vs. staying with the “out-of-the-box” version? Faster?better burns?more media compatibility?overall better performance? Thank you again. :smiley:


I too have a 3S163, but now, it’s crossflashed to CS0M with the LED fix. Since LiteOn is the OEM manufacturer, by using their firmware releases, you typically get better media support, unlike rebadgers (in this case, DigitalMax), who doesn’t get much support as an OEM product. You’ll just have to resort to using patched firmwares now, which shouldn’t be a problem. :iagree:


liteon owns digital max, its that simple


Thank you everyone for your help and education! :bow: