Crossflashing Benq DW1620 to?

Hi, is there any crossflash i could do with a retail benq dw 1620 (pro) that would be worth of flashing (better reading/writing speed or improved error correction?)…dunno… just wanted to update. current firmware rpc1 b7w9 is installed. i read a about the possibility of fliash towards a philips dvdr1640, but whats the use of that? thank you!

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No flashing to 1640 :disagree: You already have the latest and greatest BenQ 1620 B7W9 Pro f/w :iagree:

You can run MCSE on the firmware and click “increase speed read”, save and flash --your drive will be able to read DL media at 14.7x compared to 12x originally.

thank you for your answers guys!