Crossflashing Benq 1655 to 1650 !SUCESS!

Hi ,guys a few minutes ago i dare to crossflash my 1655 (recently crossflashed from I/O Magic GCAB to a true Benq BCDB) into a Benq 1650 BCDC sucessfully using BQ Flasher,soon i’ll be posting some scan results.

Does the Lightscribe function still work? Please get back to me. You have got alot of BALLS my friend.

:doh: Also let us know how this affected lightscribe. Does it still work? Sorry you beat me alan

Sorry alan, no lightscribe with this firmware.

Hope LS still works when you flash it back!!

Thanks DVD Predator, I would still love to see some scans. I would give up the Lightscribe for better firmware.

First test after the crossflash:a quality scan performed by the now 1650.

Not bad ,but if you have any Yuden000-T02-000 I would love to see a scan at 12X

Yes ,sure

First burn at 12x ,OS/SB on

Maybe this is a stupid question, but is there any reason to crossflash a 1655 to a 1650 other than to see if it works?

I think people are not so satisfied with the quality scans of the current firmware BCDB and are looking for an alternative.

For me, just for fun.

I think that your nickname is fully justified. :iagree: :bigsmile:


Thankyou for doing that DVD Predator, you and Pinto 2 should be in a very rare club. Willing to trash your drive for the sake of seeing if it can be done. I for one applaude you and Pinto2, even if his experiment did not work.

awesome! I didn’t return my I/O Magic in time to Staples and was forced to keep it. I got a Benq1655 rom Newegg so I didn’t really want it anymore. But now I’ve got a reason not to throw it out.

Is there really any diference in burn quality between I/O Magic and the genuine Benq? I’m going to buy one tomorrow. I can get either but I/O Magic has a rebate on it that would make it a few dollars cheaper. Thanks.

Can you flash it back to a 1655 and see if it still works ok? would love to do this too until they get the 1655 fw a bit better…lightscribe really doesnt mean much to me. :bigsmile:

Congrats for the successful experiment DVD_PREDATOR.

For other “freaks”, keep in mind that crossflashing is a very high risk task and the result will vary between drives.

I don’t think I’ve seen 1650/BCDC scans significantly better than 1655/BCDB.