Crossflashing a DH16AASH to iHAS524B?




I would like to flash an iHAS firmware to my PLDS DH16AASH (firmware SA15), which is a custom LiteOn burner from Acer.

The chipset inside is a Mediatek MT 1879E 0940-CS5L. So I guess it could be also a LiteOn iHAS524B, because these drives also have a MT 1879E chipset…

But I cannot flash the iHAS-firmware, neither with the provided exes from stock firmwares nor with the “Flash utility for LiteOn 6.01”.

I looked around in the forums, but didn’t find any description how to crossflash to iHAS.

What would be the appropriate way to do this?



This doesn’t fully answer your question, but:

Following the current naming scheme for OEM drives, your drive is an iHASxxx [B]A[/B] drive, not a B series–DH16A[B]A[/B]SH. The chipset also aligns with the A series, NOT the B series.


Ok, that’s an important info. So I followed this guide:

But I still cannot find any working iHAS324A flash file that works with the flash utility… Can anyone help me please :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry, I did not understand that I actually can choose exe-firmwares in the Flash Utility! Now I have a iHAS324A drive. Any way to change it to iHAS324B?


And I absolutely cannot flash a iHAS324B firmware on this drive?


No. If you managed to do so, the firmware code would not run, and you would end up with a dead drive.

Glad you managed to successfully get it over to a retail firmware version, though. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I know have this one: ATAPI.iHAS524_A.BLC2-B.patched-fr-dl16-eos-eoht.exe

Not sure what these neat features are for, but they sound cool :slight_smile:


And do you know what the iXtreme team modified in the iHAS324B firmware so it can burn oversized images?

Did they binary patch the firmware or completly recompiled it?


I wish I could tell you. From the few times folks here have queried about it, I don’t think they were able to find out what changes were made.


A and B series differ slightly in hardware. That’s why A/B crossflashing attempts usually have undesired results.