Crossflashing 4165@4167 to H10A



I’ve just read the H10A review and was wonderin’ is the crossflashing to 4165@4167 possible?
So I killed the 4167 DJ13 flasher process and started GSAH10A_JL03 flasher.
Here’s the pic:


But when I started the flasher:


I could be wrong but doesn’t the H-10A use different hardware (chipset revision).

I’m not surprised the flash failed. :disagree:


Kim Jong is correct :

GSA-4165B/4167B : Renesas R8J32007FPV
GSA-H10A : Renesas R8J32018FPV

Quit trying before you kill your drive!


I gave up. I tried to flash in safe mode, but the same thing. I guess it’s impossible. I was surprised when I saw that the H10A firmware also reads 4167 safe mode.
I tried also to find buffalo’s H10A but no success.


Well it is not going to work with the method you are using. You are putting the drive in CORE mode but crashing the flash process. This doesn’t magically mean it will accept any other firmware. The process is a little more complicated and has several interlocks to prevent you from doing this. You would, minimally, have to modify the firmware payload to even get the firmware onboard.

I was surprised when I saw that the H10A firmware also reads 4167 safe mode.
Huh? You have a 4165 drive, it is going to have 4165 CORE firmware, not that of the H10N (H10A). The 4167 drive is a 4165 class drive and shares the same CORE firmware.

Brother Vlad


You’re right, the fact that H10A flasher sees 4165 CORE firmware doesn’t mean that this is also the core firmware for H10A(N) drives. Thanks brother Vlad.


Hello I have the same problem with my gsa-4167b dvd writer, I tried upgrading the firmware from DL10 to GSA-4167DL13 but the upgrade failed. I followed the instructions on the LG website, making sure the drive is on the secondary master ide port by itself, but now its just completely dead. Tried flashing it on another computer with no success. The light comes on but the flash procedure just fails all the time.

Does anyone know a way to ressurect my dead drive?

All I get now is the same message as Pekajm - gsa-4165b coro

If theres no fix, what dvd writer would you recommend. This is the 2nd LG one I’ve had and they dont seem to last very long. Only had it 8 month.


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As long as the drive identifies as HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-4165BCOR0 it is still alive. Boot Windows in Safe Mode and try to flash it again.

Btw. you had better opened a new thread for this problem, as it is not related to the thread title.


ok thanks ala42