Crossflashing 1650 to 1655

Hey everybody, I’ve had my BenQ 1650 for about 1 month now and its pretty awesome as a burner and ripper. Problem is, lately its been giving me 600-1500 total PIFs. I’m using Taiyo Yuden media YUDEN003 from, f/w BCDC and BCIC (both gives about the same PIFs total). My questions is, can a 1650 be crossflashed to a 1655 and if it can, is it better to use the latest f/w for the 1655 on the TY media? Or should I stick to f/w for the 1650. Oh I tried messing around with the configuration as well (SB, WOPC, etc.) and still fairly the same results, 600-1500 PIFs total.

IIRC 1655 is the same drive, just with LightScribe, so it won’t help if you want better burning quality (and it won’t enable the LS). Moreover the crossflash attempt might kill your drive completely.


600-1500 on T03 media seems quite normal range for this media, the T03 I have used have ranged from >100 to >4000+ PIF (scan results from BenQ 1620/1650 drives).

Crossflashing to 1655 firmware is definitely possible. If you wish to experiment with it and compare writing quality results, then use BQflasher. You can also crossflash to the equivalent Philips firmwares if you want. When I tried it in the past, I did not see much difference with standard write strategies, and if you use SB permanently, then it should not really matter which firmware you use (aslong as it does not have SB related issues).

crossflashing to 1655 wont help much, may be just a bit. the 1655 has lower jitter, not much, just a bit comparing to the 1650. So crossflashing to 1655 wont reduce the total PIFs to 200

Hi :slight_smile:
Mainly @ Gravesz. But others may be interested.
As already mentioned crossflashing from 1650 to 1655 is possible.
However LS feature will not be enable as the h/w is not there.
There’s a slight variation in how the respective f/w’s work.
The 1650 appearing to have the edge. (Whether this is related to LS feature of 1655 or not. Is not known to me).
So if you wanted to go from 1655 to 1650, it is possibly there could be some slight advantage. Going the other way in my experience did not.
The quality of media recently is cause for concern. Even with MCC & TY.
Philips f/w really only differs in that SolidBurn is enabled by default.
I suggest you use QSuite to play around with settings. i.e. SolidBurn, WOPC & OverSpeed either enabled/disabled. See of this works for you.
Personally I’d go with SolidBurn enabled WOPC & OverSpeed disabled.

Thanks alot everyone for your 2cents. I think I might test out the 1655 fw on my 1650. I’ve tried messing around with the Qsuite settings already on the 1650 and was satisfied with it only in the beginning. For some unknown reason it would give me x<250 PIFs for the first 100 or so burns, but now its starting to peak. Maybe every couple of 100 burns I might need to reflash the drive. Ahaha…anyways, thanks alot guys.

Ok everybody I’m back from testing out the 1655 f/w on my 1650. For anyone who’s interested, you can use BQFlasher to flash the 1650 to 1655. The drive still works, it just doesn’t have lightscribe. Other than that, BCIB is a bit better than BCIC in my opinion. My PIFs totals just dropped to 130 or less for my ten or so burns. I’m burning with the default settings, meaning I have yet to open QSuite after the flash to BCIB. Using Taiyo Yuden YUDEN003 media. So I hope that helps for some people interested in comparing BCIB to BCIC.