Crossflashing 1620 OEM + exrernal enclosure



Yesterday I got my first DVD-burner, BenQ 1620, OEM-G7L9. Like many other owners of a OEM drives, I would like to make it PRO with crossflashing. I read carefully all the threads regarding this topic, but my case is a little bit different. I installed the burner in an external USB 2.0 enclosure, chipset-ALI M5621-A1. As far as I know the original BenQ EW162I is “1620 Pro” + “ALi
M5621 A1” like in my case.

The questions are:

  1. Has somebody tried to crossflash 1620 in a external enclosure, I mean through the USB 2.0 port?

  2. How safe is the procedure for the drive?

  3. Do I need to do the first crossflashing to Pro with “WinDXFlash” in a Desktop PC-IDE Port?

  4. When make the drive PRO, can I use the official firmwares for BenQ EW162I?

Thanks in advance.

My configuration is: Compaq, Armada M300, P3-600, 320 MB, Fujitsu 4200rpm, BusLink PCMCIA-USB 2.0 card, WinXP Home.



Thanks for the responce.

The post doesn’t say the sequence of action.
Maybe my main question is if I need to crossflash with WinDXFlash to PRO in a regular PC(IDE) and then having coffiguration like the original “Benq EW162I = 1620 Pro + ALi M5621 A1” to use the official EW162I firmwares.



I just flashed my HP640i in external enclosure to BenQ 1625. Chipset is ALi.


Is HP640i a BenQ or Lite-On DVD?
If it is BenQ, could you provide more info about the the firmware you used and the sequence of action you made. I am a little afraid to flash my BenQ 1620 because I have a laptop and the connection is through a PCMCIA-USB 2.0 card and then the external enclosure.



It is made by BenQ as the label on top of the drive says. The label one the front says only HP640, i think the LiteOn drives say HP640i. However they are all sold als HP640i and the package also says HP640i.
I connected my drive to USB Port, waited till windows did recognize it properly. Then I started WinDWFlash, chose the drive and the 1625 .cvt file (not the newset FW) and hit “FLASH”. Took about a minute, then it was done. I cycled power, waited till Windows recognized it again and flashed it to newest fw with official flasher made by BenQ. Cycled power again and successfully burnt a DVD+R :slight_smile:


Thanks Pac,

After the detailed explanation I’ve got some confidence and I will do it in the way you explained. Maybe the only thing I will change is to flash in SafeMode, to eliminate antivirus, other applications and drivers.