Crossflashing 1608P to DVR-109

i have been crazed for nearly 4 hours reading on the forum to find a way to crossflash my 1608P to dvr 109
i didn’t find any thing striaght answer on how to do it or what tools should i do it with
i got a loooooooooooot of firmwares and 2 tools
DVRupdate 0.9
DVRflash 2.2
but no clue what to do
plzzzzz help me

well never mind guys replying i already improvised and i did it using my mind and some shreds of info around the forum
my problem was not undersatnding what pioneer kernel was
as i updated my asus 1608P3S ages ago with out using this method
any way TDB has the firms and the search did for the DVRUpdate 0.9
and finally DONE