CrossFlashed my Dell OEM NEC-3450a to a NEC-3500AG

Hello everyone,

I have a Dell OEM NEC-3450a drive, which the warranty just ended.

Well I have decided to try it, and I have success.

I have used the Nec Driver Converter, and made it a NEC-3500AG.

Then I flashed it with the Firmware v2.1A (Full BitSetting and RipLock Removed).

I was chicken to try, but I have success.

The 3500AG will see 16x support for my TYG03 which the Dell 3450a was 8x max.

And it was riplocked at 5x I think.


Could I have flashed it with the 3500 Firmware right away ?
Or it was important I use the drive converter 1st ?

What does it change, the drive ID, so it would accept the 3500 firmware ?

Even after using the drive converter, I rebooted, but the OS still saw it as a NEC-3450a (Probably because of the firmware).

Also noticed, the NEC-3500AG doesn’t support Pi/Po Scanning :frowning:

DvdInfoPro says I need at least firmware 2R8, never heard of that one before.

Is there way to get the 3500 Pi/Po Scan ?

Not to worry, I have a NEC-3550a now too :slight_smile:

Um, I don’t think the 3450 and the 3500 are hardware-identical to one another…

It shouldn’t matter if you first flash your drive and then use my drive converter or if you do it the other way.
I’m not sure if everything works 100% now, as far as I remember some functions in a 3450@3500 do not work as expected. (DL might be broken for example)

2.R8 is the only 3500 firmware that supports error scanning, but it has never been published.

As far as I know the drives have identical hardware

Ditto! I do not reccomend this! But if it works forget about it! -R may not work or -RW! Not sure!
Liggy has a riplock removed for the 3450! I used that and was happy/happy/happy!

Hi there,

Ohh darn…

If I DriveConvert it to a 3450, and reflash with the original Dell firmware, I should get my drive 100% like it was then ?

I did it because of this statement:

The NEC ND3500A was released by NEC in September 2004. You will also find ND3450A and ND3100A drives which share the same hardware, but they differ in firmware. There is a NEC drive conversion tool to convert ND3100A into ND3500A drives, but you need to flash a 3500 firmware after conversion. Although this program also works on ND3450 drives, flashing ND3500A firmwares might still limit the writing capabilities.

I should listen to myself, use Original firmware and don’t hack your burner :slight_smile:

You can’t damage your drive by using the drive converter and flashing “compatible” firmware. If you have a backup of your old firmware, you can always change everything back to the way it was before.

Hi there,

I will use the Drive Converter, and make it a Dell OEM NEC-3450a again.

Then I will flash it with your Dell OEM v1.03c RipLock firmware.

That should solve my problem, and get a 100% working drive :slight_smile:

I burn 99% DVD-R so booktyping it not someone I really need.

Oh well, I had fun trying :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input…

I’ve done it before. I lost the -R burning capability. +R was just fine. If you burn -R discs, I would keep it the way it was.

Hi there,

Thanks for the warning.

That is weird in a way, if the hardware is the same !!!

Anyway, I have Reconvered my drive to a NEC-3450a and used the Dell OEM v1.03c (RipLocked) firmware, and burned a DVD-R without a problem.

Thanks for all your help and advise people !

The 3450 will do Book type rom anyway! So glad to here you are back!