Crossflashed my 1620Pro to 1625 great results!



I am getting bad burns using B7T9 and B7V9. I crossflashed my benq 1620 pro to 1625 BBGA. I get great quality score, especially LOW PIF! WOW!


I’m happy on your behalf. :wink:

What media are you using and at what speed do you burn.

My drive has been crossflashed 1620@1625 many times, but still I find the 1620 B7*9 firmwares better then the ones for 1625. :slight_smile:

Not to mention the non existing 12x burn speed write strategies in 1625 firmwares. :sad:


Im using MCC002 and MC02RG20. Great results. Who care about 12x write if the burn quality is poor!


How about some before and after scans?


I found that only one of my BenQ 1620s will write nicely with 1625 firmware. The other needs earlier stock 1620 firmware. There’s a fair amount of variability between DW1620 drives: I’ve had three so far, all quite different.


I might flash to DW1625 firmware just to get rid of overspeeding … seems that most of the media that supposedly likes to be overspeed just simply refuses to do it well. On both the Pioneer 108 and DW1620 pro :frowning:


One of my drives LOVES the new 1625 firmware, and I think it’s because this new firmware is more honest about which media can overspeed and which cannot. BenQ-branded 8x DVD+R (DAXON AZ2) are garbage, yet all new firmwares (except BBFA) rate it at 16x. I don’t think there’s a single DAXON AZ2 in existence which is worthy of that rating.