Crossflashed 8801 to 1640 then pc wont detect drive

hey guys i just read today that u could crossflash a philips 8801 to a benq 1640.

so i downloaded all the files and progams and put them in the same folder.
then i restarted my pc in safe mode and continued with the tutorial to crossflash. it said complete click ok to restart so then my pc restarted and now it wont detect my drive…something i did wrong? thanks .

Sorry to inform you of this, but you just destroyed your drive.

The DVD8801 is a rebadged DW1650, not a DW1640. You obviously weren’t reading carefully.

You flashed it with the wrong firmware. The drive is dead.

Never ever attempt to cross-flash a drive until you’ve read everything carefully, and asked experts on how it should be done.

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Try to boot in bios (at start up press Del-or/F2-or/F10-or/F11-or… check manual) and tell us if drive is recognized.

If you can’t find it there either, connect drive to secondary master and boot in dos. Then use benqcvt flasher and a DW1650 .cvt firmware.
Link to benqcvt flasher and many good 1650 cvt firmwares.