Crossflash teac dv-w524gs bt11 in lite-on 524?

How to make crossflash teac dv-w524gs bt11 in Lite-On 524?

The TEAC DV-W524GS (fw BT11) can be crossflashed to a Lite-On iHAS524 [B]A[/B] model.

Flash an unscrambled iHAS524 A firmware (either a .bin firmware file or one of C0deKing’s .exe repackaged firmwares) using Flash Utility. Then use the Convert Drive function in the EEPROM Utility to fix the blinking LED issue and complete the crossflash. Shut down the computer. Done.

Make sure you backup both your firmware and your EEPROM before attempting the crossflash.

Did I get it right… it is possible to stitch only on [B]A[/B], but not to stitch in any way on [B]B[/B]?

Yes you can only crossflash your drive to an iHASx24 A model.

You cannot crossflash it to a B model. The A series and the B series have different hardware. If you attempt to crossflash an A series drive (or equivalent A series clone such as your TEAC drive) to a B model you will kill your drive.

Thank you!