Crossflash SONY to LITEON a few questions

I had SONY DW-Q120A
i want crossflash SONY to LITEON
but i can’t flash to 160p6s’s Firmwares [PS0B] or 165p6s’s Firmwares [MSOR]

first you need to upgrade the drive with the eeprom utility:
i recommend the upgrade to a 165P6S, then flash with MS0R:

dont’ tested this as i don’t own a drive from this series.

You either have to 1) flashfix the original LiteOn firmware yourself, or 2) get the patched firmware from Codeguys’ website. Use PS0C, which is the latest. You shouldn’t need to use the EEPROM utility unless you want to transform it to a 165P6S (possibly gaining DVD-RAM). I’d suggest flashing to a 160P6S first and test some burns.


unfortunately, flashfix does not work properly with recent firmware releases.

How to use flashfix this tool?
I can’t flash with PS0B.

My step is this

The first, let Q120 Crossflash to 160p6s
and then upgrade to a 165P6S

You’re right, it only works for -3S and earlier firmwares. Nothing since the -5S has worked.

Download the 160P6S firmware from Codeguys’ website and flash from there.



You’re right, it only works for -3S and earlier firmwares. Nothing since the -5S has worked.[/quote] :disagree: SHM-165P6S MS0N and Sony DW-G120A MYS4/MYR4 can be successfully patched with flashfix. Flashfix fails with newer firmwares for these drives.


Weird…can’t say I’ve used Flashfix much since the -3S series, the last time I used it successfully was on a HP-convert to 52327S. :slight_smile:


:iagree: Indeed. I suspect, something has changed in the code of the newer firmware flashers, that cannot be handled by flashfix.
I already opened a new thread about this, but there weren’t any useful answers. :frowning:


everspiral, if you download PS09 from my site you will find a flashfixed version included in the RAR file that will allow you to flash your Sony to a 160P6S. You can then flash it to the latest firmware.

If you want to use 165P6S firmware to get the DVD-RAM then you can use the flashfixed version in the MS0M firmware on my site, but you will need to upgrade your drive to a 165P6S using the EEPROM Utility to use this firmware.

Michael, can you point me to the thread you started. I must have missed it.

Of course, I can :wink:

Thanks for having a look at :slight_smile:


Thinks everyone!!
i have succeed

ok i am new to this forums…and have only done flashing of firmware and all just once…
so i am not a total noob…but not an experienced guy too…
so what i want to ask is …i too have the same OEM SONY DVD RW Q-120A drive. which i dont find very good in terms of quality burns and even reading dvds…
so successfully will flashing the firmware to a LITE ON one as said by Codeking and others in the above posts. will show some better performance and better burns ?
also what are the + points of flashing it to the LITE ON .firmware. ??is it worth taking the risk …? also can i revert back to original firmware if anything goes wrong ?

hope my doubts will be cleared …expecting some detailed answers…for my first post in the forums …!
thanx…in advance…

no replies ???any help ??