Crossflash SiL 3112 to 3512

sorry for bumping in abruptly… i was following this thread and i have the sil 3112a card… i was wondering weather i can flash it with the sil3512 bios… i think my sil 3112 is not compatible coz my current transfer rate is pio mode 4… i cant get udma mode 5… Any guesses?

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Yes you can flash the bios, so card is seen as 3512. Then use the appropriate drives for CD/DVDRWs.
Just make sure the bios is the ‘BASE’ bios. It has an ‘r’ prefix.

i flashed with the base sil 3512 bios and now the card is seen as 3512 but it wont detect my s203b now… im gona try to flash it back to 3112

[I]Split from Samsung SH-S203B Firmware Problem ([/I]

flashed back to 3112 and now it detects the drive… but its still pio mode 4… i cant seem to get dma… any solutions?

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After flashing bios, did you install the 3512 driver?
Also, what driver are you using now? (With card running as 3112)

zebadee, I also bought me a SiL3512 PCI sata controller card… Just wanted to try out all the “problems” our members are posting.
Bios and f/w are dated mid '06 and I just poped it into one free PCI slot, started up compu, loaded latest SiL drivers. Connected my new S203[B]N[/B] and reboted.
Drive was properly recognized and I get a burst rate of 67MB/s. :slight_smile:
Burns/scans/Trt’s are great

My add to this; I’ve a feeling we just complicate the issues too much.

BTW, from what I understand “[B]r[/B]” prefix BIOS is “- add-in card SATARAID BIOS” from what I read at SiliconImage page. But, I might be wrong though. :wink:

Note, my burning rig is based on $ntel 865PE chipset with C2D chip.