Crossflash problems - 20A1S to 20A1L


i like the EEPROM Utility very much because of the crossflash feature. But i have a problem. I own a LiteOn 20A1S and want to convert it into a 20A1L ,as it is supported by the EEPROM Utility.
I changed the typ via “crossflash” and flashed the firmware of the 20A1L via FlashUtility 2.0.1 on my device.
The lightscribe software and Nero are detecting the drive correctly as 20A1L with lightscribe support, but when i try to label a disc (i use Verbatim LS DVD-R) the software doesnt detect the disc as a LS-Disc.
Any ideas to solve this problem? Do you think it is hardware related or a bug in the LS software? Maybe i did the crossflash process wrong (i used method one)? Do i need a original 20A1L EEPROM too or only the firmware?

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This is going to sound like a silly question, but do you have the disc inserted properly? i.e. so the label side is facing downwards.

If you do, maybe give the trial version of SureThing Labeler a shot and see if that picks it up :slight_smile:

This question is more simple than silly - i checked it twice and i also tried to use another disc.

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I could be completely off the mark here, but I just realised something.

Your drive needs certain hardware inside to be able to LightScribe. Sure, you can run the firmware fine, but I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to do LightScribe unless that hardware is present inside the drive (I believe it’s mentioned in one of the crossflashing threads that LightScribe won’t be available).

I should have remembered that a minute ago, sorry about that!

So, to sum up - your crossflash worked fine, but you won’t be able to LightScribe. :slight_smile:

Then the crossflash is useless ?! :eek:
Why the crossflash feature 20A1S to 20A1L when the only diffrence (LS) doesnt work after the crossflash?

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Just hang in there, someone may prove me wrong :wink:

Easy way to tell, In a dark room, open the drive tray and look inside, if you see a bright red light then you have the lightscride hardware in the drive. If not then no you dont.

My 20A1S does not have the hardware to do lightscribe.

[B]Arachne[/B]'s right, your 20A1S lacks the LightScribe indexing hardware.

The crossflash option is there because the non-LS models sometimes get firmware updates more frequently or sooner than the equivalent LS-model and some people like to try out the newest firmware (even if it means disabling the LS feature). Flashing back to the LS version has been made possible by [B]C0deKing[/B] as well, of course :slight_smile:

Thanks for information…this really sucks…cause in europe there is no “real” 20A1L.

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If you’re prepared to go IDE, then the LH-20A1H is an OK drive. :slight_smile:

I havent used IDE since last year g i wont go back to it…

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In Europe we have LH/DH-20A1H, same drive as the “L”. :slight_smile:

BTW, anyone that missed specs for LH-20A1S, I’m adding a link… (Don’t dare to aim it at our lady, heh, then she will say I’m picking at her again. :bigsmile: .)

Hehehe…I’m the opposite, even though I have an SATA mobo, I’m wary of how it would perform with SATA ODDs. Luckily I have 4 IDE channels to play with :wink:

Except SATA ^^

You are right about that. :smiley:
But it’s even useless as “except LightScribe hardware”. :bigsmile:

Yes. The drive needs hardware to use Lightscribe. Just crossflashing the firmware will not accomplish anything!

…never really understood the point of crossflashing on newer drives of the same burn speed :S The price difference between the drives is usually very negligible at the best of times. Unless one didn’t pay for the drive or received it as a gift in the first place…I purchased a lightscribe enabled drive for only $5 more :S

No more clumsy ribbon cables for me, thank you :disagree: Try it once and you’ll be convinced :iagree: :wink: