Crossflash problem!

I crossflashed my philips DVDR1640P to BenQ 1620 by using windwflash and .cvt file (B7S9 , B7T9). After flashing , only my cd light (the one on the left) is active. many people on the forum have problem with only their dvd light (the one on the right) and no problem with the one in the middle. And also when I place a dvd in it a buzzing sound starts. so I flashed it back to philips firmware P2.5 and all problems gone. Any comments on this? thanks.
The drive is 8631 , August 2004 and came with P2.0 firmware.

I believe it was a bad flash. I think the problem was the cvt file of the B7T9 firmware, or have you used the B7T9.exe from the BenQ site??
I’m a bit confused, what drive have you, the Phlips 1640 or Philips 8631. I thuoght only the Philips 1640 and 1620 had the nightrider leds. Isn’t the Philips PBDV8631 the oem drive without the leds. Or am I just getting old, yes I’m over 43 and way over the hill. I’ll stop before I’m getting senile :confused:

I tried eveything. My dvd model is DVDR1620K but it’s internal code is 8631.

If your Philips drive is working well, why flashing it?. I would like to see some scans of this drive. I’m thinking of buying one when I need a replament for the nec. Are you not satisfied with the burning quality?. If you don’t have money enough, maybe you better stay on the save side. :iagree:
Pleae ost some scans of your burnings :wink:

I am not hapy with it’s “-” dvdr performance. It seems that no one in this forum crossflashed philips 1640 to benq 1620 , no replies about my problem accept cor808.

Why is it nescessary the use -dvdr, you acn use the bitsettingtool. In Nero it will set dvdr to -rom. Philips and Benq are far better + than - burners. Hey Pincik…don’t give up. Post a few scan of your burnings, bye the way, what disks do you use.