Crossflash Plextor PX-L890SA

I can’t seem to find the correct tool in order to crossflash my Plextor PX-L890SA to the Liteon Flash. Everywhere I look, the links are broken. What I think I’m looking for is the “recover” flasher or “unlocked” flasher. The codeguys flasher appears to be locked so I can not flash onto the drive. I hope this is the right place to ask. Thank you to all none the less.

You are in the right place. I’ve uploaded the crossflash package to our site and added the instructions to the package that CVS kindly provided for us. You can find it here. You will need 2 posts to have access to attachments on the forum.

Thank you so much (and this doubles as my second post! ;))

[QUOTE=ltldevl;2674425]Thank you so much (and this doubles as my second post! ;))[/QUOTE]

You’re welcome. And welcome to the forum. That was easy, wasn’t it? No need to stop at 2 ;).

A big Thank You to CVS for sharing this with us.

Just a reminder to all to back-up your drive’s firmware and EEprom before you start, and be sure that your PX-L890SA shows 2MB flash size in Flash Utility before you try to flash it to a Lite-on B drive.

Absolutely! And thank you for your fast and accurate response as well. I’m glad to find a forum not full of bitter and snappy individuals! :clap: