Crossflash philips to 165p6s

Hey guys just a couple of questions. I have been looking for a lite-on shm-165p6s for a while to complement my benq 1655. But newegg doesnt have them in their catalog anymore and while i was looking through i found THIS philips drive. When i searched here in the fourms there was very very little info on it but i found out that it is acutally a 165p6s and crossflashable. So i just ordered it and what to know which test firmware i should flash this drive to once i get it. Also while i’m at it, i mainly bought this drive to be a dvd/game/cd ripper and quality scanner. And i’m going to use my 1655 as a burner. Would this be a good setup? I want a drive that will read almost any dvd/cd even if they are kinda scratched up. Thanks guys!

If you’re 100% sure it’s a 165P6S, you can use this one: Your warranty will be void when doing so.

Well, it sure doesn’t look like a BenQ because it has 24x CD-RW.

When newegg did have the retial 165p6s in their catalog i was comparing pictures and everything looks the same except for the front bezel obviously. The back of the two are identical, even with that beige plastic looking part. And reading in the forums some people said they did flash it to a 165p6s. Thanks for the firmware link. Now whats the advantage of using the “test firmware” that is in one of the stickies? Like i said i’m mainly going to be using this drive as a dvd/cd/game ripper and quality scanner. Should i use the retial firmware or the test firmware? And i was looking at the test firmware and there are 3 different ones: MV9N, HV9N, and the PV9N, what are the differences between these? And which one would i use for this drive assuming it is a shm-165p6s? Thanks for the replies guys!

The test firmwares are older than MS0R now. If you want to do some further “tuning”, look into this thread: Sorry, I don’t know what advantages the test firmware MV9N would still have.

I agree the Newegg pictures look like it’s the Lite-On, so if they’re accurate you’re alright.

Thanks a lot for the help Cressida, i’ll be doing some reading before i get that drive.


Could you please keep us updated on your findings? I’ve stumbled across the same drive today and was wondering if it’s crossflashable, etc, and now I’m gonna get my wrists slapped because I just posted a question about it on the Benq / Philips forum :o Sowwy Mr. Mod. :o I swear I didn’t mean to crosspost :o

Haha, funny stuff Filipe. But yeah, once i get this drive and crossflash it on monday i’ll post back in here letting ya know how it went.


before you try crossflashing your drive, backup your original firmware with C0deking’s Flash Utility. It is also a good idea to backup EEPROM data with the EEprom Tool. There are stickies about these tools in the Liteon section.

Also keep in mind that you void your warranty if you flash other brand’s or inofficial firmware. Try the drive thoroughly with the firmware the drive came with. Maybe crossflashing is not necessary as some OEM firmwares could be really good.


Thanks for the warnings mciahel, I was already reading about those tools that you mentioned and already have them on my computer ready to be put to good use.

Well UPS finally decided to deliever it to my door at 8:00 P.M. tonight. I got it installed and it successfully crossflashed to the firmware that Cressida posted a link to and now i am the proud owner of a SHM-165P6S! I made a backup of the original firmware that was called “M5P4” which i dont know if it is a lite-on firmware but it sounds like it is. Also made a backup of the eeprom and all i did was use the exutable firmware file and it automatically selected the phillips/lite-on drive and i had it flash in safe mode and everything went good. This drive was also manufactured in november of 2006 in case you wanted to know.

Thanks Fox, I’ll probably go the same route myself… it’s a bit tough to find Lite-Ons around here, so that might be a good bet. Any info on it’s quality yet?

No problem man. I havent tried burning anything went, i have ripped a couple of dvds and it rips just a little bit slower then my benq. I’ll burn a dvd on it in a little bit and post the scan. Also it makes a little clicking noise when i first turn on the computer, but according to the reviews for the oem 165p6s a lot of people experienced this. Anyone know anything about this clicking?

Ok here are the scans from this drives first burn of a retail pressed dvd that was ripped, burned, and scanned with this philips drive converted to a 165p6s. It was a TYG02 burned at 8x.

Could any of you tell me if these are good. One thing that i did notice is that there was lower PIFs with the lite-on as compared to some of my benq 1655 burns.

Looking good, but then again it is TY media! :smiley:

Got my drive today, you’ll be hearing from me soon, if you don’t mind :wink:

Dont mind at all man. Hope it works out for you as easily as it did for me. Just be sure to flash in safe mode like always.

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I forgot to say I also got a 18A1H :o but being the retail one (closed box) I only noticed it was one of the dreaded September 2006 crop when I got home. :a Noisy and vibey, it sounds like it’s going for lift off and shake my Antec case to pieces… needless to say, it’s going back. :Z
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If you’re comparing with scans made in the BenQ, that doesn’t work. BenQ and Lite-On drives scan differently. Excellent burn!

EDIT: Join the club, [B]Filipe M.[/B] :bigsmile:

Yeah thats what i considered Cressida, different drives=different scans. Overall i’m very happy with my two drives. :iagree:

Done, original firmware and EEPROM backed up, flashed LiteON firmware, now let’s get this thing rolling! :smiley: