Crossflash Philips 1660k -> Benq 1650?



Has it been done yet ? Does anyone know if it works, I couldn’t find any information about that …


Most likely it will work but I haven’t heard anyone report their success or problem. But you know that crossflahing the drive will void the warranty.


Hi cas123,

I have successfully crossflashed my Phillips SPD1400BD/96 ( firmware version 1660P1 v1.3) to BenQ 1650’s BCDC using BQFlasher.
The Phillips SPD1400BD/96 is supposed to be same as Philips 1660k, but you know that I can’t guarantee this.


Thanks guys :wink:

I returned the drive yesterday without flashing it since this drive costed 60 Euros and the Benq 1655 I bought today costed only 50 Euros.

I know no risk no fun, but this time the money played a little role :slight_smile: