Crossflash OEM Lite-On drive?



Hello, all. I have a Verbatim branded Lite-On drive–according to what I’ve managed to determine. There is no response nor support from Verbatim for the drive, so I’m pondering flashing it to the Lite-On firmware. I’ve read the FAQs that I could find and I found the tools to do this, but I have a question.

Should I expect any benefit from doing this? I.e. is the current Lite-On firmware better than the firmware that came with this drive?

FYI, it’s the 52x24x Verbatim drive which is supposed to be a LTR-52246S OEM drive.



The benefit is just a newer firmware and whatever LiteOn has fixed/changed. Usually, this is just improved media support and, if there are any, fixed bugs. It’s hard to say exactly what is involved in improved media support–it might be that they added support for some random obscure media type that you’ll never use anyway. This is all assuming that the current LiteOn firmware is newer than your drive’s firmware (which is most likely true, but not knowing what firmware you have in your drive, it’s hard to be sure). You can also look at LiteOn’s official changelog, which says something about improving overburning in addition to improved media support.

Here are a few tips…
1/ If your drive is working just fine, don’t bother. New firmwares won’t end world hunger or cause money to fall from the sky, and likewise, it can’t improve the performance of a drive that is already working just fine without problems (now, if you suspect that there might be problems, then that’s a different story). But on the flipside, while it might not improve things, it probably won’t break anything either, so it won’t hurt to try if you’re curious.

2/ Make a backup of your current firmware before flashing. So if you change your mind after the fact, you can revert.


Thanks, code(2^16). That’s about what I was expecting to hear, but it’s comforting to hear it from someone who knows as much about Lite-On drives as you.

I have, up to this date, had no problems with the drive/firmware, so I’m not strongly motivated to change anything with it. The only reason that I’m tempted to do so is that the drive is moving from a windows box–where its firmware can be easily manipulated–to a linux box where that isn’t so.

All of my CD-R media is probably a few years old–I stocked up pretty well in the hey-day of discounted CD-R media. :slight_smile: But, in the future, I may run through it and need to start using new discs–which may not be in the older firmware. So, to future proof the drive, I though that a new firmware may be wise. But, as you say, if it works, leave it alone. If it breaks, fix it then. It’s not like it’s brain surgery to move a drive from one machine to another–just tedious and boring.

FYI, the firmware in the drive is the only one publically available–if you look for the 52x24x52 verbatim firmware–which a quick web search didn’t reveal, but I know I have here somewhere–there is only one known ‘verbatim’ firmware for this drive. Moving it over to the normal OEM firmware would be nice in the sense that I could then easily track the updates Lite-On provides.

Thanks again for your help, code(0x10000).