Crossflash Ihas 122F to 124F


 I have searched the forum but could not find anything satisfactory.
 I have a LiteOn Ihas 122F with firmware EL96 which i would like to crossflash to Ihas 124F. 
 Can someone help please?

There´s no reason to crossflash it to a 124F :wink:

24x max burn speed instead of 22x, but the only media which is supported at this speed are TY. And the result, no matter if it is 22x or 24x would be in most (all?) cases not good

I understand that and i’m not going to burn that fast anyway, it’s just that i want to do it because i have a loose screw in my head. :crazy_face:

OK; I wish you best luck :wink:

I ahve some 124 F, different production data and different FWs, but none of them can be downloaded. so I stay with it

Late reply: i have managed to do it using Dosflash.

So you can burn now 24x instead of 22x :wink: ?

I have not tried yet. It was more something that needed to be done out of boredom rather than practical reasons. :sweat_smile:

Hehe, I think the highest speed works only with TY-media. Not sure I ever used it because the risk for coaster is high

How exactly?

I don’t remember exactly, but i will try to repeat the steps that i did.
The thing is that i have initially bricked the drive trying to crossflash it to Ihas 124 CL99 (it was not seen in bios or the operating system).
However using a function of DosFlash i was able to write the firmware to the drive (CL99). I think it was some sort of blind flashing process, but the drive works fine now.
Crossflashing it solved another problem i had with it: it was burning very slow and left rings on the burnt discs. The burning quality was also horrendeous.