Crossflash H54N to riplock patched H55N: successful!

Using Ala42’s crossflashing package. Everything was successful. Windows recognized the new drive, I inserted a DVD movie and it was read, I burned a DVD movie and it was recognized and played without problems.

The only thing left is to scan for C1/C2 or whatever it’s called. But I don’t know how to do that (though, I have a S/\MSUNG drive I can use).

Just wanted to share with you guys.

The H54N@H55N crossflash will be supported in the next MCSE release.

hey ArmoredGuns; after you crossflashed the 54N to a 55N, were you able to write upto 20x speeds like the 55N does? I guess what i’m asking is ;does the drive fully become a 55N?

Another success report here; just bought a H54N and crossflashed it to a H55N using ala42’s MediaCodeSpeedEdit. Great work guys!

hi, i downloaded MCSE, saved the modified firmware, but i dont know where to go, what to do to flash the new firmware. i still have the original GSAH55N_1.03.exe and the extracted W75T78HA.bin and W75T78HA PATCHED.bin, any help?


Thanx! it worked like a charm!

Please Help. I need firmware H54N 1.00. Maybe anyone knows where I can download it?

Hello ALA42 and all.

I hear that you could cross flashed the GSA 54 N.
I’m the old and same bug. With some softwares and some drivers it runs. But Icouldn’t disble the DMA from him. I have now installed the 1.02 firmware from LG but really I would to burn it and post the movie on the net. :a
Firstly I’m thinking that the problem was with my mobo K8N-DL.
But this driver isn’t good.
So if anyone knows what do I do to solve I’ll appreciate.
regards, :bigsmile:
Sorry by bad english.

Really I remembered how to solve the reading & writing problems in GSA 54N. We’ll Must change the DMA from ultra 66 to ultra 33. Its a bug unsolved yet by the FIRMWARE 1.02.