Crossflash GSA-H44N firmware to GSA-H42N Buffalo RJ11?

From what I read from most reviews (chinese and taiwan sites mostly), H44N and H42N seem to be sharing the same chipset and have identical specs (minus the vista compatibility stuff).

So can I crossflash GSA-H44N firmware to GSA-H42N Buffalo RJ11?
Anyone done it successfully? How about support for MediaCodeSpeedEdit also?

H42L@H44L seems to work, so the N version will probably work, too. If you dare you can apply the crossflash patch with the current MCSE version, but I do not know if someone has tried that yet, so in the worst case your drive could be dead. Crossflashing voids warranty.

Yes I can verify it works Ala42. I just did it. Worked great.:bow:

Thanks ala42 & alan1476… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll be crossflashing my H44N to H42N with Buffalo RJ11 tonight! :iagree: :bigsmile:

Is it CF from H42n to H44n
or the other way around

Alan crossflashed his H42N to H44N. jervislim was talking about crossflashing his H44N to H42N (RJ11).

Oh, okay got me confuse there for a moment
Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I crossflashed H42L to H44L using Alan42’s MCSE10910. But I cannot crossflash it back to H42L, because MCSE does not show H44L/N drives but only H42L and H42N.

I hope ala42 can fix this.

ala42 :clap: already has a patch for this problem (H44 to H42)

what does the h44 have over the h42?

Nothing as far as I can see.:disagree:

That would come in handy. Thanks ala42. Where to download please?

It sounds feasable to be able to do it. Ala42 just has to add the H44N TO MCSE. But it may not be that simple only Ala42 would really know.:iagree:

Yeah, I would like to know where this is also, it sure isn’t in the latest MCSE. Only the H42N/L.:iagree:

i mean what are h44 specs compared to the h42?

I think that i has something to do with Vista support.

I read the review @ the Japanese CD-R lab website last night. They couldn’t find the difference between the H42N and the H44N since both drives are Vista compatible now. They haven’t finished the entire test yet though…