Crossflash from bulk to retail a good idea?

I just got my bulk 1620. I know that some people on here that have cross flashed from the OEM firmware to the retail firmware (G7x9 to B7x9) Has this proven to be benefitial in any way? Will the performance of my drive be different if I change from OEM firmware to retail? Anybody have any bad affects after doing this?? Please let me know before I go and change my firmware.

The OEM and retail drives & firmwares are for all intensive purposes identical so performance is not affected it is really no different from flashing a firmware from BenQ themselves.

The benefit is that the OEM firmwares come later on then the retail ones so if you want the latest official firmwares from BenQ cross flashing to the retail 1620 is probably a good idea.

Also I believe it has to be crossflashed to use Qscan…