Crossflash E60L -> H55L



Hey guys,

I’m not very happy with my GSA-E60L and read a few days ago, that it is possible to crossflash it to a GSA-H55L with help of MCSE, is that right?

If so, can anyone explain me how to do that? I’m not sure which firmware i need (that from E60L or H55L) and which flash utility i can use for flashing external drives. :confused:

Thank you in advance.


You need a H55L firmware, e.g. 1.05. Load the firmware .exe file with MCSE, save the stand alone flasher, continue to use the firmware, select the E60L drive in the firmware crossflash settings in the lower right edge, save it and flash the patched firmware .bin with with the previously saved stand alone flasher.


Ok, that seems to be easy. I’ve tried myself a bit at the weekend, but was not sure if it’s the right way.

I’ll give feedback if it worked. Thank you again. :slight_smile:


Hm, flash process started…then stopped at 10%, drive LED went out and then the the flasher said this:

I don’t know if this was right, but the drive is now recognized as a GSA-H55L. Also ich checked the “increase read speed” box.

For testing i burned a DVD with Nero Disc Speed at 16x speed, here the result:

It was surprising for me, that the drive really burned at 16x…although it’s only USB2.0.

Since quality scan didn’t work with LG drives i only added a benchmark:

To finally check the “new” here a screenshot of Nero Info Tool:

So, what would you finally say…is the drive ok? Any hints?

Thanks advance. :slight_smile:


interested in this i have a e60n comming