Crossflash DVR-212D to DVR-212



I want to crossflash my 212D to 212 to gain DVD-RAM writing. I have looked everywhere but can’t find anything.

Any ideas?.


Nothing seen yet. Sorry.
Is there really an 212d and 212?

I’ve only seen an biege 212 and a black 212 here, no 212d.

I had hoped only to see an 212.


The 212D is sold in America… I have one, solid burner… I would prefer to have DVD-RAM write support as well… that is available in the 212 (no “D”), but I have an LG for that. Solution in America, have more than one burner… they are dirt cheap.


I want it too.


Is there TDB Crossflash Version of the DVR-212 Firmware?




Crossflash DVR-212D to DVR-212

Currently RPC1 firmware based on 1.08 *.

  • TDB Flasher w/Kernel


will this let you burn dvd-ram on the burner? what are the are there any other benefits to cross flashing to dvr-212?

Anyone tried the flash yet?

I’m actually running vista x64 and have had trouble flashing to even the newest released firmware from pioneer 1.15…


Not yet… Had to RMA my 212D because it would not burn CD-R’s… Looks like I will not get it until Monday based on the sched. delivery from UPS… The 212 is supposed to have DVD-RAM write support so I suspect this is the only difference from the 212D.


You should not flash under this crap OS.
Use another OS to flash.


Currently RPC1 firmware based on 1.15.

it is out in the tdb website.


No. It does not work :disagree:


Why do you crosspost??

If it works for others, the issue must be at your system/setup.


Hmm… well to be true, I love vista, it works so well and is very stable…

My only problem is software like this flasher which doesn’t support the newer technology, and well I’m really not keen to install another operating system just to flash a drive, when my machine is going pretty strong as it is already.


Your problem. :bigsmile:


Chef do you read your posts, it wont crossflash because there is no kernal included(by the way you wrote that in another post). Not because of Vista, be helpful and stop bashing.


Nope, my own post generator does that for me, I’m too lazy and rich to do it myself… :bigsmile:
Of course a kernel is always needed for crossflashing…

At least it “forced” you to post. :smiley: [B]Join Date: 16-10-2005[/B]


Vista deserves to be bashed. I am glad it is apparently working for you, but it is not working for everyone. Vista bashing might slow down after SP1, but right now, Microsoft deserves it. For now XP is more than adequate and my software and hardware works fine with it; it does not with Vista… and I am not much of a gamer and I expect those that are are in no hurry to use Vista since there are no DX10 games yet.