Crossflash DVR-115D to DVR-115 or DVR-A15

Hello @ all

I bought a DVR-115D, since read positive things here about Pioneer drives.

Now I’m thinking about the possibility to crossflash the drive to a DVR-115 or DVR-A15 (DVR-115L??)

The DVR-115 would enable DVD-RAM write capabilites and the DVR-A15 would enable DVD-RAM and Labelflash. I’m not sure if this is true and the burner hardware is really Labelflash and DVD-RAM write capable. I do not want to brick my drive.

Is the DVD-RAM capability working well with the Panasonic / BHA DVD-RAM driver and WinXP? Does Lableflash could work with this drive? Labelflash is not important for me, it is difficuilt to get Labelflash media, but I’m a little courious to see a Labelflash “printed” media in comparsion to a Lightscribe media… so this would be more just for fun.

Does anybody tried this crossflashing successful? Is there a good description on how to do this? My drive is in an external enclosure connected via USB…

After crossflashing the drive, is any further firmware upgrade possible without modifications on the flashing tool / firmware binaries?

Thanks in advance


@ TM,

Suggest reviewing the Forum posting titled “Pioneer DVR-115D CrossFlashed to DVR-A15-J (DVR-115L)” (

Using the Forum Search function will provide information such as the above referenced “Pioneer DVR-115D CrossFlashed to DVR-A15-J (DVR-115L)” threads.


Hi bjkg

You were correct, the crossflashing was not as difficuilt as I expected. My DVR-115D is now a DVR-115L :iagree:

DiskT@2 is working, if Labelflash also works I don’t know since I do not have an Labelfash media. I have to check where to get this media. It looks like Labelflash is e little more exotic than Lightscribe :rolleyes:

Unfortunately Labelflash / DiskT@2 does not work on CDs… :frowning:

TM has a new toy :slight_smile:

Yep… a new burner :iagree:

My first burn result looks good so far. The burn was only a 1.3GB ISO file. It was a Maxell DVD-R (MXL RG04).

The diskT@2 was only using the remaining disk space useful :wink:

@ TM,

Glad to see your Pioneer DVR-115D@DVR-115L is working. DVD-RAM Read/Write is a useful function but LabelFlash IMHO is just a useless gimmick.