Crossflash DVR-111D to DVR-111 (A11)

Crossflash DVR-111D to DVR-111 (A11), is it possible?

May I offer you some free advice, Max? Search/read these forums first, THEN ask your questions.

I have read them, but I have not understood if crossflash is possible with the original firmware of the pioneer

You cannot, because there is no flasher which will allow you to crossflash using stock firmwares.

Thanks chef

Maybe, if we are lucky ones, DVRFlash would appear in another new re-incarnation - I mean version.

Let met get this right… :slight_smile:

You can’t flash from 111D official firmware to 111/A11XL, but if you flash from the official to 111d TDB firmware, then it’s possible to flash to 111/A11XL, correct?

What would be the idea of crossflashing to 111/A11XL, DVD-RAM write support?
And what would be the best 111 or A11XL, isn’t it the same drive, but with different frontplate?

You CAN crossflash a 111D to a A11XL with the dangerous brothers firmware. It does work.

Beery said in another forum that he has a region killer program running and it was running when he flashed. Could that be why the official firmware worked for him?

I tried that, ohwell, and it worked perfectly!!!

Nice and what would be gained by doing this?

DVD-RAM option and a few other quirks.

Congratulations ohwell and jake8131,
I’m glad I could give you the idea to try Region Killer!!!
Now I’m just waiting for TDB to release a new DVR-A11XL/fw 1.19;

Mine is now a DVR-A11XL/fw 1.19 also. I just hope we can get bitsetting as rpc1 is not really what I need. But from now on pioneer official flashers should work without RK or anything else unless you use a modded firmware again .

Absolutely and of course no need for RK after this unless you are using rpc1…
Nice day to you!

Could somebody elborate on those “quirks”.

If I have no use for dvd-ram write support, and there is nothing else gained by crossflashing to A11XL, then it would be a waste of time, unless those “quirks” are worth it.

So what are these “quirks” :slight_smile:

The old XL drives would allow the Quiet Drive utility to work but the old version doesn’t work on the 111 so RAM is the only difference.

Bitsetting will work in the Buffalo firmware so you will have to wait until it is available. Another poster in Japan ( I believe) has purchased a Buffalo 111L and confirms bitsetting.

I believe QuietDrive will be released soon, maybe reason enough to have

Thanks a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Bitsetting is no big deal for me and neither is dvd-ram, so i’ll keep it as a 111d :slight_smile:

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