Crossflash Digitalmax DRW-3S163 with SOHW-1653S?



I have read within this forum the best alternative is to crossflash my new drw-3s163 (bought at Officemax) with the Lite-On sohw-1653s DR16CS0M firmware. Is this the best?? or should I just update the firmware with the same model’s firmware (from which has a 1-level update dated 12-6-04?? PS I tried to crossflash to the 1653S, but it won’t let me stating the drive is not found?
Thank you for any thoughts and advanced advise!


The safest thing to do is unly use the updates that are officially supported. The only reason why you would need to convert the drive to a Liteon is if you’re having problems with the drive that might be fixed in a firmware update.

Keep in mind that your drive is just Liteon’s generic bulk version, and they sell the same model under their OEM brand 4kus. You might also be able to get firmware updates for your drive here: