Crossflash d22a with CSOR or BYX5?

hi, i was wondering whether crossflashing to CSOR patched or BYX5 patched is preferred. any suggestions on which is better (quality and speedwise)?..ive searched the forums and am still indecisive. thanks in advance.

If you get answers from different members, you still will be indecisive. Try them out yourself and descide with one you prefer. Beside that the newest CSxx member is CS0T, but you have to patch that one yourself.

:cool: Leo

thanks for the reply :). lol… i thought that the latest patch for the CSxx was the ‘CS0R with Fast Burn Patch’ :stuck_out_tongue: …um…does that fb patch still exist? thanks

I don’t know really, you should search the thread about those fast burn patches. I was referring to the firmware on the codeguys site to make crossflashing possible. Normally C0deKing issue a stock version and a crossflash version, but this time (with the rush of new firmwares at Christmas) he did not. But you can easily do it yourself. I used the stock CS0T from that site, and patched it in OmniPatcher with cf, and multicolor led. You can even pick the id you want. Works fine with me.

:bow: Leo

ah…ic :slight_smile: thx