Crossflash BenQ 1655 to Philips 1668

Hello. I have a BenQ 1655 and if i crossflash it to a Philips 1668 what are i gaining and losing?

Does the Philips scan as good as the BenQ? And the sriting quality?

Help me people before there is blood on my wrists… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

You’ve been here long enough to know about cross posting.

You should have asked a mod to move your original thread.

I`m sorry… forgot to ask. But can you provide some information about my question? :flower:

Philips 1668 don’t scan and limited QSuite support.

Writing quality should be the same.

I have a Philips 1648P1 ( Benq 1640 ) and crossflashed to a Benq 1640.

But burn quality was better as a Philips 1648P1.

That’s why I have a Philips 1648 and a Benq 1650!!